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The scarf is quickly becoming the accessory for cosmopolitan men. The scarf is a slightly whimsical, unusual accessory, so if you haven't tried one, now's your chance. If you want to add some color to your look, a scarf is a good way to do it. If you live in a cold climate, it's even better; scarves are a necessity in cool weather, so you can enjoy them daily as an accessory to your winter jacket or coat, too.

Your scarf should complement your shirt, but that doesn't mean that it should be a basic solid to match your shirt. Instead of going this chameleon route, try accenting certain colors in a print or patterned shirt. You can also try using a complementary bold solid to match your accessories.

Scarves are like dress shirts; every man can look good in one. It's a great and quick way to take advantage of automatic sex appeal. European men wear them on a regular basis. The fact is, scarves make you look good, the right scarf can make the average man twice as hot. Seriously, try it out and let those compliments come in! The trick is wearing the right kind scarf; cos they don't all have sex-appeal factor.

Scarf Savvy

Size Matters.
Long is good; if it's too short you won't be able to wrap it, and that's where most of the sex appeal comes from. You want something you can wrap 2 or 3 times, and still have the ends able to reach somewhere close to tie-length. The most recommended size here is 70x200cm, also called a Classic Stole. A small scarf will work as well, however you'll be able to only wrap it 1 or 2 times.

Thickness Matters.
Get something with a bit of bulk, you don't want something that looks like a roll of toilet paper. Mind, you don't want to look like you're wearing a neck brace, either, so don't overdo it.

Stripes and plain work best.
Men look fantastic in a plain colored jacket, paired with a patterned scarf like a Burberry Jacquard. Plain colors look pretty good on most men as well, and stripes are practically guaranteed to look fantastic.

Colors are sexy.
A colorful scarf can really be charming. That said, you don’t need to have every color in the rainbow represented. Pick something with 2 or 3 colors, or just 1 solid color. These tend to go with any kind of jacket you might have.

Knots are sexiest.
The way a man ties his knot can really affect the overall look. Generally, a loose, fat knot just under the chin looks best. Alternatively, a firm knot that's been wound several times can also look good, and can be worn at the chin or a bit further down.

Proper placement.
If you're wearing a jacket with lapels, a draped scarf should go under the lapels. If you've tied the scarf, they tend to look best tucked into the jacket, with a nice fat knot resting under the chin. If your scarf is a bit short, these look best tucked in, as well. Scarf Savvy

Things to avoid

  • Paisley looks a bit silly on most men, we recommend avoiding it.
  • Extra long tassles look a bit frou-frou. We recommend they not be longer than the width of your palm. Fortunately all the scarves & shawls you'll find on our site stay within this recommended length.
  • Super-loose-knit scarves fall apart pretty easily; if you're a man who knows how to care for these, go for it; if not, don't waste your money. A loose knit scarf often comes over cheap and unfashionable.
  • White doesn't stay white for long without careful attention; It can look really great on you, just mind that a dark spot will be quickly visible.
  • Super-long scarves make us think you're overcompensating; long is good enough, there is no need to overdo it!

Our scarf recommendations:

For example you can try a white silk aviator scarf in the style of Robert Redford in the 1974 film The Great Gatsby, which you wrap once around the neck. Worn with a leather jacket or sophisticated dinner dress, this look is rarely seen anymore, so if you're a classic guy who likes originality, then this is certainly for you.

Scarves offer a wealth of opportunities to accessorize and look elegant doing it, too. Your best scarf tying guide is to look to old film and historical inspiration to give your scarf styles a new touch. Or have a look at our gallery on top of this page and browse through the slideshow.

Remember, a scarf is an investment that can last you for years. Same as a good (tailor made) suit, it helps you project the image and appeal in your work, business or professional life. A luxury Pashmina scarf combined with that can just give you that finishing touch!

Take a look below for our favorite types of Pashminas and recommendations for you. Any kind of scarf or shawl that you'll find on our site will work both on women as well as men. The trick is wear it the right way :).


Pure Cashmere Pashmina


Pashmina 100% Pure Cashmere Wool


The queen of all Pashmina products, this Pashmina provides you with downy softness and blanketing warmth. The delicacy of pure Cashmere prevents it from being woven with high tension, and so the 100% Cashmere is crafted with a gauzier weave. This softer shawl is delightfully breathable in warm weather and still gives warm blanket of protection in the colder months.

Small Pure Cashmere Pashmina Scarf - 30x150cm: €50.-

Classic Pure Cashmere Pashmina Stole - 700x200cm: €84.95

Pure Cashmere Pashmina Large Scarf - Salmon Orange - 45x160cm: €44.95- [SALE!]

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70% Cashmere / 30% Silk Pashmina


Pashmina 70% Cashmere / 30% Silk


The most popular of all Pashmina products, this shawl provides you with quality comfort from the elements with quality material that laces luxurious Pashmina wool with the durability of silk. Though mixed Pashminas are considered a step down from 100% Pashmina products, these fairly traded shawls come at an unbeatable price. 70% Pashmina and 30% silk shawls are tightly woven with an attractive sheen, and also drape nicely to add an elegant touch to any outfit.

Small 70% Cashmere / 30% Silk Pashmina Scarf - 30x150cm: €44.95

Classic Two-toned 70% Cashmere / 30% Silk Stole - 70x200cm: €74.95

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  • Whether the wool is Cashmere vs. Silk.
  • Don't let popularity fool you. Cashmere is always better quality than Silk.
  • A pure Cashmere shawl weighs about 140 grams. A same size Silk Blended Pashmina shawl 70/30 weights about 300 grams;
  • Labels that verify the legitimacy of the manufacturer.
  • Look for product certificates that show a company's reputability. RoyalBhaktapur's merchandise will always arrive with an informative certificate.
  • Always beware for viciously deceptive Viscose; Pashminas that have no semblance of relation to a real Pashmina whatsoever aside from the fact that they're both pieces of fabric. Viscose is a man-made material that some people try to market as a Real Viscose Pashmina;, but as stated previously, the only relation this synthetic product has to a real Pashmina is that it's a piece of cloth.



  • Significantly higher quality than any other scarf, stole or wrap you can buy.
  • Cashmere Pashminas have incredible insulation, making them practical and warm for all seasons. Their insulated properties also work well against summer moisture and humidity.
  • It's lightweight, with a large (90x200cm) 100% shawl weighing only 140 grams!
  • You have a fantastic array of choices, with a plethora of patterns (floral, animal prints, burberry, traditional) and compositions (100% Cashmere, silk blended and bamboo blended).
  • What other shawl do you know that can fashionably complement anything from casual sweaters to formal gowns?
  • There's an almost 100% guarantee you'll fall in love with a Pashmina assoon as you feel it's soft and warm qualities.

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